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Quilting Services
Last Updated: 11/16/2018

Have you stitched together a beautiful quilt but do not have months or years to do the quilting? Send your quilt to us and let us machine quilt it on our Longarm Machine.

You can provide your own Backing and/or Batting for your quilt, or you can purchase them from PM Quilting. We carry 108" to 120" wide cotton backing fabrics. We Have 96" to 120" wide Battings. We have Organic, Bleached, Alpaca Cotton, Alpaca Wool, 80/20 cotton / poly blend and poly batting

NOTE: Due to the monetary and sentimental value of your quilts, we only ship quilts via U.P.S., FedEx or Express mail for tracking purposes.

Shop Fee: $45.00 minimum. Estimate will be based upon the size of the quilt, complexity of design, and the materials used. To request an estimate, Email us. Be sure to provide a valid return email address.

Pricing: .016 (1.6 Cents) per square inch; $45.00 minimum
Freehand quilting is repeated across your quilt top, ignoring blocks and borders. Freehand quilting designs include such designs as large stippling, landscaping, paisley, and ivy.

Custom Design
Pricing: .036 (3.6 Cents) per square inch; $45.00 minimum
Each piece is evaluated and designs are chosen to fill your quilt from border to border. This may include stitch-in-the-ditch, rippling freehand, meandering, and/or an overall design.

Pricing: .046 (4.6 Cents) per square inch; $45.00 minimum
Quilting consists of one design repeated across your quilt top, ignoring blocks and borders.

Pricing: $30.00 per hour; $45.00 minimum
Cross hatching, echoing, outlining, small stippling, and thread play designs just for your quilt, including up to two border designs.

Whole Cloth
Pricing: $30.00 per hour; $45.00 minimum
Custom patterned design to cover cotton sheeting from edge to edge.

Quilted Fashions
Pricing: $30.00 per hour; $45.00 minimum
Fabric yardage custom-quilted to be used in garment construction.

Quilt Basting
Pricing:.01(1 Cent) per square inch; $45.00 minimum
Basting quilts is a large stitch in crossing diamonds and lines across the length of the quilt.

You should properly prepare your quilt for quilting before sending it to us. Following these instructions will help to defray costs.

(we also offer: Serging quilt edges for easy binding by customer )

To Calculate Your Quilt Price measure your width X length X by the preferred quilting style you want.
Example width of quilt (90") X length of quilt (102") X Freehand .016 (1.6 Cents) = $146.88

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