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How Much Fabric Do You Need For Your Quilt
Last Updated: 02/01/2010
Backing Your Quilt with our 108" wide Hand Dyed Fabrics Cotton or Flannel
  • Crib quilts: 50 x 53" 1 3/8 yard which would do 2 baby quilts length ways
  • Twin bed quilts: 75" x 98" 2 1/8 yards
  • One quilt Double bed quilts: 83 x 106" 2 1/3 yards
  • One Quilt Queen size quilts: 90 x 106" 2 1/2 yards
  • One Quilt King size quilts: 107 x 106" 3 1/3 yards
  • One Quilt Pillow top quilts you will want to add 6 inches to the sides for over hang.
  • California Quilts add 2 inches to the length.
Standard quilting by a machine quilter requires 4" for each side and 6" on the bottom.
If the quilt is machine quilted very finely the machine quilter would like 6" on both sides and 6" on the bottom. So you would need to figure a little more. You are more then welcome to print this from your browser tool bar.
When ordering our fabric please measure your quilt add the extra fabric for machine quilting before ordering. Make sure you get enough we do only 12 to 15 yards per dye lot. If you have to order more to piece a back together it could be a different dye lot. All our Fabric is Dyed by Hand.  

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