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Current News Letter From PM Quilting
Last Updated: 08/16/2018

School has started here in Arizona! Seems like it starts earlier every year! Now is the time to start planning and sewing all those fall projects.

WE HOPED THE NEW WEBSITE WOULD FIX OUR SHIPPING CALCULATIONS, but it didn't! We are working on it and want you to know that you will be charged for the correct shipping and handling. Don't pick the free shipping rate; it costs us and you time to call and redo.


OPEN SEW starts Wednesday, Aug 15th 10am -4pm. Bring your machine and your project and sew with others!

AUG 14TH 6 PM Long Arm Quilting taught by Gary Darwin. $40 Pass the class to rent time on our quilt machine.

OCTOBER 12 and13 DINNER FOR 2 PICNIC TOTE 10 am to 4 pm both days. Taught by Karen Massey. Karen wants you to have this project completely cut out before you come to class so stop by the store and pick up instructions.
Dinner for Two 2-Day Class, October 12-13

OCTOBER 18 WonderFil Boutique Trunk Show. Learn about our entire line of WondeFfil threads! Two shows: 9:30amand 1:30pm
WonderFil Boutique Trunk Show, Oct 18, 9:30 to Noon

OCTOBER 23RD Fall Table Runner Taught by Jan Darwin $20 + supplies. 10am - 4 pm

NOV 15TH Christmas Table Runner Taught by Jan Darwin $20 + supplies 10am-4pm

NOV 27, 29, DEC 4 & 6 Beginning Quilting 101 (Please plan to attend all 4 sessions.) $30 + supplies) 6pm - 8pm

Sign up for our classes either online or at the shop. Class supply lists are at the shop.

Watch for more classes coming soon.
Quilt Shows we'll be attending in 2018
Aug 22-25 Grand Rapids, MI
Sept 5-8 Madison, WI
Sept 12-15 Fall Paducah, KY
Sept 20-22 Cincinnati, OH
Sept 27-29 Fredericksburg, VA
Oct 3-6 Virginia Beach, VA
Nov 7-11 International Quilt Festival

At each show Gary demos our patented rulers that Sparrow Quilt Studioz has been advertising on Facebook. Come see them at the store or on the road.

We now have over 100 bolts of Hoffman 1895's!

New Fabrics and Kits have arrived!

Dragon Castles Applique Laser Quilt Kit Designed by Gary Darwin--Dragons and Castles by Gary Darwin

New from Hoffman Fabrics

1895-41-Aqua,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,aqua,aqua fabric,blue fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-331-Herb,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,green,olive green,olive green fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-218-Camelia,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,red,red fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print--

-- 1895-259-Lion,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,brown,brown fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-306-Swordfish,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,blue,gray,grey,blue-grey,blue-grey fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-337-Shirley,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,pink,bright pink,fuchsia,fuchsia fabric,pink fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print--

1895-351-Sunny,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,pink,peach fabric,pink fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-418-Chamomile,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,green,blue-green,green fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-459-Lotus,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,lavender,pale lavender fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-

1895-541-Peace,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,blue,medium blue,blue fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-563-Biscuit,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,brown,light brown,light brown fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-564-Tupelo,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,purple,light purple,light purple fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print--

1895-F71-French Lime,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,green,lime green,green fabric,lime green fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- Q4484-70 Lavender,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Imagine This Collection,lavender,lavender fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- Q4485-44 Forest,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Imagine This Collection,stripe,stripe fabric,lavender,moss green,lavender fabric,green fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print

Q4444-3-White,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,No Weeds Here,flowers,butterflies,floral,floral fabric,black,words,blue,pink,green,red,yellow,white,white fabric,cotton fabric,cotton,print--Q4419-98 Moss,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Wide Open Spaces,panel,panel fabric,quilt panel,digital print,horses,horse fabric,moss,green fabric,moss green fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- Q4483-44 Forest,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Imagine This Collection,digital print fabric,panel,fox,fox fabric,flowers,flower fabric,moss green,moss green fabric,lavender,lavender fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print--

Q4489-16 Sky,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Call of the Wild Collection,digital print fabric,panel,eagles,eagle fabric,forest fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print---- Q4490-141 Pine,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Call of the Wild Collection,digital print fabric,panel,mountain lion,lion fabric,forest fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print---- Q4491-260 Grizzly,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Call of the Wild Collection,digital print fabric,panel,grizzly bear,bear fabric,forest fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print

New from Benartex--
5434M-70 Benartex Autumn Leaves quilt fabric, cotton fabric, brown background fabric--8855-77 Benartex Apple Gala Light Green quilt fabric, cotton fabric, Green fabric-- I8855-39 Benartex Apple Gala Brown quilt fabric, cotton fabric, Brown fabric--


1841-001,quilt fabric,Quilt, Fabric, Cotton, RJR Fabrics,cotton fabrics, Border Basics, border fabrics,black fabric,jade fabric, Print-- 1841-004,quilt fabric,Quilt, Fabric, Cotton, RJR Fabrics,cotton fabrics, Border Basics, border fabrics,black fabric,blue fabric, Print-- 1841-004,quilt fabric,Quilt, Fabric, Cotton, RJR Fabrics,cotton fabrics, Border Basics, border fabrics,black fabric,turquoise fabric,blue fabric, Print---

--New Rulers

Kaleidoscope Template set of 2 9" block-- Kaleidoscope Template set of 2 12" block--- Kaleidoscope Template set of 2 16" block
--Kaleidoscope template sets

2 1/2" Glow Edge Acrylic Tumbler Template--- 3 1/2" Glow Edge Acrylic Tumbler Template----- 10" Glow Edge Acrylic Tumbler Template--

New Dresden Plate Ruler set coming very soon!

Gary's Quotes:

May each stitch you make in a quilt this year bring those you love A REMEMBRANCE OF YOU!

I can't go to a Quilt show without a new idea or inspiration to make something new.

I cannot count the day complete 'till needle, thread, and fabric meet.

One Quilting Project, like one cookie, is NEVER enough!

A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.

Blessed are the Piecemakers, for they shall quilt forever!

Quilts are like friends - a great source of comfort.

Our lives are like quilts - bits and pieces,
joy and sorrow, stitched with love.

Quilting with a friend will keep you in stitches.

We appreciate your continued support!
Happy Quilting!

Gary & Jan Darwin
800 E Florence Blvd.,Casa Grande, AZ

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