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Current News Letter From PM Quilting
Last Updated: 11/05/2018

Welcome Back to all the snowbirds! We are so excited to have you back in our community.

Introducing a new Block of the Week! We wanted to give our snowbirds a chance to complete most of this before they return home. We also wanted to give our online customers a chance to complete this quilt. So we have tried to address all options. We realize that some may not be able to come up with $160 all at once so we created a monthly payment program. Check the details carefully and choose the product that fits your circumstances.

Quilt Block of the Week 3D--weekly--- Quilt Block of the Week 3D Monthly Pay--monthly

Batting racks are back in stock! Improved system. See them at Market and Festival in Houston.

Steel Quilt Batting Rack comes in 4 standard sizes with custom sizes by request


NOV 15TH Christmas Table Runner Taught by Jan Darwin $20 + supplies 10am-4pm. You will choose your own colors and complete a table runner during this class. You will also learn about embellishing your projects.

NOV 17TH Beginning Paper Piecing . Taught by Jan Darwin $20 includes supply kit 10 am to noon. You will learn the basic technique for foundation paper piecing projects. We will complete one square. Take this class to see if this is something you will enjoy doing.

NOV 26 Paper Pieced Christmas Ornaments Taught by Jan Darwin. $20 10 am to noon. This is a beginning class. You can make ornaments to hang on the tree or make a wall hanging quilt.

NOV 27 Long Arm Machine Certification Class 10 noon. Taught by Gary Darwin. This class is required before you can rent time on our long arm.

NOV 27, 29, DEC 4 & 6 Beginning Quilting 101 (Please plan to attend all 4 sessions.) $30 + supplies) 6pm - 8pm This class will help those who want to learn the basics of quilting. We will cover terminology, choosing colors, cutting, sewing, binding. This class has filled up so we have created a second class to be held on the same days but in the afternoon. 1-3pm

DEC 4 Long Arm Machine Certification Class 10 am to noon. Taught by Gary Darwin. This class is required before you can rent time on our long arm.

Sign up for our classes either online or at the shop.

Watch for more classes coming soon.
The last Quilt Show we'll be attending in 2018

Nov 7-11 International Quilt Festival
--Watch our facebook page for pictures and posts from International Fall Quilt Market and Festival.

OPEN SEW continues each Wednesday, 10am -4pm. Bring your machine and your projects and sew with others!
We now have over 100 bolts of Hoffman 1895's!

New Fabrics

New from Benertex
5434M-70 Benartex Autumn Leaves quilt fabric, cotton fabric, brown background fabric-- 8855-77 Benartex Apple Gala Light Green quilt fabric, cotton fabric, Green fabric-- I8855-39 Benartex Apple Gala Brown quilt fabric, cotton fabric, Brown fabric--

C5638-Blue, Timeless Treasures Dragon Blue, quilt fabric, cotton fabric, blue fabric, Michael Searle, Novelties Collection Back in stock from Timeless Treasurers

New from Hoffman Fabrics
Q4482-531 Papyrus,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,It--
Q2167-531 Hoffman Fabrics Bali Batiks Starfish Papyrus quilt fabric, cotton fabric, beige fabric,-- Q2147-265 Hoffman Fabrics Bali Batiks All Over Leaf Oyster quilt fabric, cotton fabric, beige fabric,--

Q2145-440 Hoffman Fabrics Bali Batiks Large Flower Liquorice quilt fabric, cotton fabric, black fabric,-- 1895-580-Cypress,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,green fabric,medium green fabric, cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-571-Barbeque,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,dark red fabric,red fabric, cotton,cotton fabric,print--

1895-538-Nirvana,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,ocean blue fabric,light ocean blue fabric, blue fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-502-Coconut,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,brown fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-451-Cornflower,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,blue fabric,light blue fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print--

1895-419-Passion Tea,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,lavender fabric,purple fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print--- 1895-377-Spinach,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,green fabric,dark green fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print--- 1895-348-Lucy,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,blue fabric, pool blue fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print--

1895-245-Victoria,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,mauve,mauve fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-105-Celadon,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,green, celery green, light celery green, celery green fabric,green fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 1895-63-Rose,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,pink,rose,pink fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print--

1895-100-Adobe,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,red,brick red,brick red fabric,red fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- Hoffman Fabric Bali Cobalt-- 1895-329-Brooke,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,blue fabric, pool blue fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print--

--New from RJR

RJR-3557-01 RJR Fabrics Ambrosia Farm Berry Picking Tan, quilt fabric, cotton fabric, tan fabric, food fabric.
----RJR-3562-03 RJR Fabrics Ambrosia Farm Paisley Red, quilt fabric, cotton fabric, red fabric--- RJR-3556-02 RJR Fabrics Ambrosia Farm Citrus Grove Morning Light, quilt fabric, cotton fabric, white fabric, food fabric.-- -- RJR-3555-01 RJR Fabrics Ambrosia Farm Orchard Blue Sky, quilt fabric, cotton fabric, multi-colored fabric, light blue fabric.--

RJR-3520-01 RJR Fabrics Petal Park Pathway Sweet Pea, quilt fabric, cotton fabric, purple fabric, stripe fabric.--- RJR-3534-03 RJR Fabrics Shiny Objects Sugar Crystal Strawberry Shake, quilt fabric, cotton fabric, pink fabric.-- RJR-3534-01 RJR Fabrics Shiny Objects Sugar Crystal Blueberry, quilt fabric, cotton fabric, blue fabric.-- RJR-3520-02 RJR Fabrics Petal Park Pathway Hydrangea, quilt fabric, cotton fabric, blue fabric, stripe fabric.--

New Southwest Fabrics from David Textiles

DT33927CW4, David Textiles Kokopelli Myth Teal,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Southwest Sunset Collection,southwest fabric,multi-colored fabric,turquoise fabric,stripe fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- DT52247CW3, David Textiles Southwest Argyle Teal,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Southwest Sunset Collection,southwest fabric,multi-colored fabric,turquoise fabric,argyle fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- DT67417CW1, David Textiles Southwest Pottery Brown/Turquoise,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Southwest Winds Collection,southwest fabric,multi-colored fabric,turquoise fabric,digital print fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print---

WE HOPED THE NEW WEBSITE WOULD FIX OUR SHIPPING CALCULATIONS, but it didn't! We are working on it and want you to know that you will be charged for the correct shipping and handling. DON'T choose the free shipping or drop ship rates; it costs us and you time to call and redo.

Gary's Quotes:

May each stitch you make in a quilt this year bring those you love A REMEMBRANCE OF YOU!

I can't go to a Quilt show without a new idea or inspiration to make something new.

I cannot count the day complete 'till needle, thread, and fabric meet.

One Quilting Project, like one cookie, is NEVER enough!

A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.

Blessed are the Piecemakers, for they shall quilt forever!

Quilts are like friends - a great source of comfort.

Our lives are like quilts - bits and pieces,
joy and sorrow, stitched with love.

Quilting with a friend will keep you in stitches.

We appreciate your continued support!
Happy Quilting!

Gary & Jan Darwin
800 E Florence Blvd.,Casa Grande, AZ

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