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Quilt Care
Last Updated: 04/05/2008
Quilt Care
Washing a new Quilts 
  •  Wash in cool water never hot. gentle detergents
  • We recommend washing in tumble washers only. The agitator washer are very hard on Quilts.
  •  Small home Dryers can scorch a large bulky quilt. A large commerical dryer on cool heat would do a safer job.
  • If you have to wash in a home washer soak and agitate by hand.Spin out water and dry
  • Dry over clothsline with a towel or small blanket over the line first so you don't end up with a line crease in your quilt till almost dry then put in dryer on no heat to finish drying and fluff the quilt.
  • Alpaca Batting
    • Your quilt will need to be washed by hand and layed flat to dry. Fluff  in dryer for a few minutes only. 

Here is a link to LongarmChat that has posted  Laundering recommendations Batting Project Results  

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