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Newsletter from PM Quilting
Last Updated: 05/13/2018
Happy Mothers Day Ladies

Hello from Casa Grande! We are so excited to be here! We had our Grand Opening on April 6th. What a Grand response we've had. People are excited to have us here. Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce members who have welcomed us into their community.

Quilt Shows we'll be attending in 2018
June 1-2 Prescott, AZ
June 7-9 Arlington, TX
June 14-16 St. Cloud, MN
July 18-21 Raleigh, NC
Aug 22-25 Grand Rapids, MI
Sept 5-8 Madison, WI
Sept 12-15 Fall Paducah, KY
Sept 20-22 Cincinnati, OH
Sept 27-29 Fredericksburg, VA
Oct 3-6 Virginia Beach, VA
Nov 7-11 International Quilt Festival

At each show Gary demos our patented rulers that Sparrow Quilt Studioz have been advertising on Facebook. Starting in June we will have a brand new addition to our set of rulers. Come see at the store or on the road.

In celebration of our Mothers, we are giving a charm pack to each person that brings their Mother into the store this week. Each Mother receives a fabric rose bud.

New Fabrics have arrived! We have received over 150 bolts of fabric since the Grand Opening. Here are some of our favorites.

Farm-C6475-Sunflower,quilt fabric,Quilt,Fabric,Cotton,Timeless Treasures,cotton fabrics, Florals,sunflower,sunflower fabrics,Sunflower Panel,Sunflower Farm fabric,Print--- Nature-C6183-Nature,quilt fabric,Quilt,Fabric,Cotton,Timeless Treasures,cotton fabrics, vibrant,tree,nature fabrics,Electric Nature,Print-- Nature-C6188-Sunset,quilt fabric,Quilt,Fabric,Cotton,Timeless Treasures,cotton fabrics,sunset,blue,red,pink,magenta,orange,Sky,cloud,nature fabrics,Electric Nature,Print-- Ruth-C5996-Taupe,quilt fabric,Quilt,Fabric,Cotton,Timeless Treasures,cotton fabrics, rooster,barnyard,rooster fabric,Rise and Shine,red fabric,black,cream fabric,taupe,Print--

Fun-C3278-Sky,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Dig It,Novelty-Juvenile,Planes,Trains,Automobiles,Cement Trucks,Dump Trucks,Semi Trucks,Traffic Jam,sky blue,kids,kids fabric,blue fabric,blue,brown,yellow,cotton fabric,cotton,print---USA-C5566-Eagles,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,American Pride,flag,flag print,flag fabric,eagles,patriotism,patriotic fabric,red,white,blue,blue fabric,cotton fabric,cotton,print-- - Reverie-C5926-Black,quilt fabric,Quilt,Fabric,Cotton,Timeless Treasures,Reverie,Flower,floral fabric,nature,nature fabric,poppy,anemone,iris,daisy,bluebonnet,floral,cotton fabrics,Chong-a Hwang,Print-- Enchant-CM5875-Black,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Enchanted,Chong-a Hwang,butterfly,butterflies,butterflies fabric,blue,lavender,gold,black,black fabric,cotton fabric,cotton,print--

Enchant-CM5879-Aqua,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Enchanted,Chong-a Hwang,marble,marbled fabric, marbled,blue,aqua,turquoise,gold,aqua fabric,cotton fabric,cotton,print-- Pavilion-C6322-Turq,quilt fabric,Quilt,Fabric,Cotton,Timeless Treasures,Butterfly Pavilion,Butterfly,butterfly fabric,nature,nature fabric,turquoise,red,yellow,cotton fabrics,Chong-a Hwang,Print-- 1895-382-Grape Juice,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Bali Watercolors,watercolor,watercolor fabric,purple,bright purple,purple fabric,cotton,cotton fabric,print-- 851-203-H2O,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Ombre Batiks,ombre,turquoise,blue,turquoise blue,blue fabric,turquoise fabric,light turquoise,dark turquoise,cotton fabric,cotton,print-- 851-69-Jungle,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Hoffman Fabrics,Ombre Batiks,ombre,green,green fabric,light green,dark green,cotton fabric,cotton,print--

Enchant-CM5877-Lavender,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Enchanted,Chong-a Hwang,flower,bouquets,flower bouquets,floral,floral fabric,blue,lavender,gold,lavender fabric,cotton fabric,cotton,print-- West-C6180-Cream,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Southwest,tribal,tribal print,Native American,tribal fabric,turquoise,cream,orange,brown,black,cream fabric,bright,bright colors,cotton fabric,cotton,print-- West-C6175-Brite,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Southwest,lizards,lizard fabric,lizard,animal,animal fabric,blue,aqua,purple,yellow,orange,magenta,black,black fabric,bright,bright colors,cotton fabric,cotton,print-- Fun-C5744-Fuchsia,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Oasis,Tropical Leaves,fuchsia,fuchsia fabric,nature,nature fabric,palm fronds,pink,green,blue,cotton fabric,cotton,print-

Nature-C6407-Cloud,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Nature Collection,foliage,foliage fabric,nature fabric,blue,light blue,light blue fabric,blue fabric,cotton fabric,cotton,print-- Harmony-C5224-White,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Harmony,Chong-a Hwang,paisley,paisley fabric,blue,lavender,pink,sky blue,white,white fabric,cotton fabric,cotton,print-- Orchid-C5649-Cream,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Wild Orchid,Chong-a Hwang,orchid,flower,floral,floral fabric,Magenta,magenta,pink,cream,cream fabric,cotton fabric,cotton,print-- Tonga-B4880-Earth,quilt,fabric,quilt fabric,Timeless Treasures,Tonga Stonewash,nature,nature fabric,flower,floral,floral fabric,gold,light brown,blue,marble,marbled fabric,cotton fabric,cotton,print--

Hoffman Fabrics Crystal Prism Pre-Cut Quilt Kit--BACK IN STOCK Pre cut Kit


Class Schedule Enjoy air conditioned classes.

QUILTING 101 June 19, 20, 21, 6 p.m. each night. Basic Beginning Quilting taught by Jan Darwin.

60 Degree TABLE RUNNER June 21. 10 am to 2pm Taught by Jan Darwin.

Long Arm Quilting Class will be coming. Check for dates to be announced. Taught by Gary Darwin.

OCTOBER 12 and13 DINNER FOR 2 PICNIC TOTE 10 am to 4 pm both days. Taught by Karen Massey.

Sign up for our classes by dropping by the store for Registration Forms and Supply Lists.

Watch for more classes coming soon.

Gary's Quotes:

May each stitch you make in a quilt this year bring those you love A REMEMBRANCE OF YOU!

I can't go to a Quilt show without a new idea or be inspired to make something new.

I cannot count the day complete 'till needle, thread, and fabric meet.

One Quilting Project, like one cookie, is NEVER enough!

A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.

Blessed are the Piecemakers, for they shall quilt forever!

Quilts are like friends - a great source of comfort.

Our lives are like quilts - bits and pieces,
joy and sorrow, stitched with love.

Quilting with a friend will keep you in stitches.

We appreciate your continued support!
Happy Quilting!

Gary & Jan Darwin
800 E Florence Blvd.,Casa Grande, AZ

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