Gary & Jan Are Retiring

We will be having some great sales (watch for announcements on our website).

After a lot of thought and prayers, we have decided to enjoy life - with each other, my Mom, and lots of kids and grandkids around, we'll enjoy a lot of good times with family.  Putting a pole in the water more often than not and without caring if we catch anything.

The first bolt of fabric was bought back in 1998.  21 years later we have accomplished a great business. The stress is taking its toll. The fun doesn't out weigh the complicated times. It is time for us to smell the roses in the back yard, pick the fresh fruit, and enjoy these beautiful sun rises (and take afternoon naps when needed).

Every time you give a quilt you share your heart and soul with every loving stitch.

We have sold our business. The new owners will be announced at a later date. They are in the quilting world so it will be a great fit to add our business into theirs.

Love you all,

Gary & Jan

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